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Subject: Your Income Machine Fact: ** Sending just one well-written email can do wonders for your business — But only if it’s done perfectly. And even when it’s EXTREMELY well-written (with perfect grammar, spelling, and properly structured HYPNOTIC language)… ** One email can only do so much. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make loads more money from each lead: 1) Send a series of emails that:   – ENGAGES them   – Encourages them to REPLY (auto-whitelist)   – BUILDS TRUST   – Reinforces your BRAND   – WARMS THEM UP to your selling style   – TRAINS […]

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Email Marketing On Fiverr – Professional Autoresponder Emails

Obviously, it would be AMAZING to be able to just push a “magic button” and get thousands of dollars showing up in your  account within the next few hours, right?   Well… that “magic button” exists in plain sight, right in your own email account! Millions (maybe billions?) are made each day as the result of a very simple gesture that anyone can do — == Simply sending ONE bleepin’ email to your mailing list. == It’s so simple that you’ve probably done it *accidentally* (Whoops – Hopefully it wasn’t too embarrassing!) There’s a saying in Internet Marketing: “The money is in the list” […]